A Tale of Two Celebrity Marriages and One Prenuptial Agreement

John Goralka posted an interesting article on Kiplinger regarding the importance of prenuptial agreements, using two celebrity cases as examples.

Goralka uses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as his first example. Their marriage lasted about 15 months and they did not sign a prenup. Heard is reported to receive a $7 million settlement, which she has announced that she will be donating to charity. Goralka: “While a charitable donation should be applauded and encouraged, it may also indicate that litigation itself was fueled for reasons other than money, such as for earlier perceived wrongs or even revenge.”

His second example is Kelly Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting, who divorced earlier this year. Cuoco and Sweeting signed a prenup about a month before they married and, as a result, avoided any drawn out financial battles.

Goralka goes on to list what kind of persons should get a prenuptial agreement and what other protections they should consider. You can read his entire article here.

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