Friday Wrap Up

I am pleased to report another successful mediation happened this week. Mediation involves bringing together two parties in a pending suit to see if they can reach an out of court agreement. A mediator is a facilitator who can suggest ideas, present options, and discuss privately possible outcomes of decisions that might be made. Thus, it is gratifying when a difficult case settles.

Earlier this week, I also had an opportunity to make a “legal house call”. A potential client wanted to avoid a perceived embarrassment coming to a lawyer’s office. Rather than argue about appearances, I just went to their house, yellow pad in hand, and conducted an initial client interview, which was free. After a free consultation, one has more information about legal options and possible outcomes for various decisions. It is also a time to make tentative assessments about the state of a business and discuss possible options for the business owner and as an individual facing uncertain times.


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