Trent Richardson says Family and Friends Spent $1.6M of his Money in 10-Month Span

Article from Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports: “Just days after he was released by the Baltimore Ravens in what could be an NFL career-ending transaction comes more sad news with Trent Richardson. The former No. 3 overall pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2012 told ESPN’s Shelley Smith on “E:60” that his family and friends spent $1.6 million of his money in a period between January 2015 and October in 2015. During that time, Richardson was cut by the Indianapolis Colts and later by the Oakland Raiders. He discovered that people were using his name to open accounts with Netflix (11 of them) and Hulu (eight) and even order bottle service by dropping his name at clubs, even though Richardson doesn’t drink.”

Luckily Richardson isn’t broke and won’t have to file for bankruptcy. He has stated though that he had to make some lifestyle changes. It’s a pretty sad situation.

You can read the rest of Edholm’s article here.

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