Firm Update: July

July was a good month for us at J. Michael McBride, P.C.. We successfully resolved several preference cases against one of our corporate clients: in one case, a trustee in the Southern District of New York was attempting to collect over $150K in preference payments. The other case was in the District of Delaware and included a plan of reorganization to confirm bankruptcy. We also filed two corporate liquidations where we are working alongside the Trustee in her efforts to collect and dispose of lumber inventory that is scattered in various warehouses across the country. We also took on a case defending a law firm who was sued in an Adversary Proceeding in the Eastern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court. This case presents the unique issue of whether a capias order entered by the family court seeking the arrest of a dead beat dad violated the automatic stay.

I always welcome direct questions about financial transactions, issues surrounding the purchase and sale of a business, and suggestions to bulletproof your contracts so that it can best survive a bankruptcy of the other party. So feel free to call me with any issues you wish to discuss!

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