Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Hear Complaints Regarding Credit History

Consumers can now lodge complaints against financial institutions regarding their credit history/score.  Although the bureau states that it enforces 18 consumer protection laws, a spokeswoman for the bureau says it facilitates rather than investigates complaints.  The process is fairly straightforward.  First, consumers can file a complaint by phone, fax, or letter.  Once logged the complaint is assigned a case number allowing consumers to track the progress of their claims.  The complaint is then forwarded to the financial institution involved which then has 15 days to file a preliminary response to the complaint, and 60 days to file a detailed response.  A study by the Federal Trade Commission has shown that errors on credit reports are not as common as they once were, with 5% of people finding an error when viewing their credit report, although 25% of those that find an error report that it is large enough to affect their credit score.  The Bureau has been put to good use,  nationwide the bureau has logged approximately 113,000 complaints with 6,000 complaints logged here in Texas.  

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