Only on Friday

Unrelated to any bankruptcy or economic news, here is a story about an arrest at Tulane University which was interesting.   With Mr. M’Boob’s background (many criminal charges pending and no visa for 23 years) one wonders how he was admitted to the school.

“Ousman M’Boob, a 42-year-old School of Continuing Studies student, was escorted from his Social Problems class by Department of Homeland Security agents and Tulane University Police Department officers Oct. 11. M’Boob was an international student from the Republic of the Gambia studying Homeland Security.

TUPD said M’Boob was wanted as a fugitive from justice in Massachusetts, where he was arrested on two counts of assault and battery, intimidating a witness, and reckless operation of vehicle. Additionally, his visa had been expired for 23 years.

Investigators initially attempted to arrest M’Boob Oct. 5 at the home address he’d given the university, but this led them to an abandoned house. After DHS agents took M’Boob into custody six days later, they transported him to their office for booking and further investigation.

M’Boob is currently being held in Basile, La. at the South Louisiana Correctional Center until his immigration hearing.”

Here is a link to the whole tale:

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