More on the Longora Filing

A partner in Beso, Eva Longoria’s restaurant, filed papers with the Bankrutpcy Court claiming that Longoria lacked authority to proceed with a bankrutpcy filing and that the filing was only a litigation tactic and not a real effort to reorganize.

“In court papers filed Tuesday, Mali Nachum says Beso LLC didn’t have the proper authority to seek Chapter 11 protection, which Bankruptcy Beat reported on last week.

Nachum, who invested in the restaurant and its adjacent Eve nightclub along with husband Ronen Nachum, says she and one other investor took over Beso and Eve’s operations shortly after a December 2009 opening.

Despite working “tirelessly” to familiarize themselves with the restaurant and nightclub business, Nachum says she and her husband began to hear grumblings about their involvement. Eventually, she says, the couple were summoned to a meeting at Beso where they were served with a trespass notice prohibiting them from entering Beso, Eve and the company’s corporate offices.

Nachum says as a member of Beso LLC, she was entitled to a say in her own exclusion from the company as well as in its subsequent bankruptcy filing.”

Here is a link:


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